Blue Bird of Happiness
by Barbara Barrick McKie

35" w. x 25.5" h.

I often review my photos, often from my trips, to find inspiration for a new quilt. I wanted to do additions to my popular bird series, and in looking, I loved the composition and ability to bring in another series of mine, flowers, into the work as well as the opportunity to express my happiness as I view nature. I also wanted to increase the abstraction of the background, and thus, the contrast, so I manipulated the image in Photoshop before printing and then heat transfering to polyester fabric. I also wanted to add texture to the bird as well as trapunto for the elements of the design, the bird, the flower, and the branch. Disperse dyed polyester, several layers of wool batting, free-motion machine embroiderey and quilting. Black cotton backing and similar colors in the bobbin enhance the back imagery as well.

Copyright 2009 by Barbara Barrick McKie, all rights reserved.

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