Cool Camels of Egypt

70" w. x 54.5" h.
On our trip to Egypt I became fascinated with the funny expressions of the many camels we saw, and I photographed many of them. Many had tassels and pompon embellishments, but I added ones to those that didn't as well. The background is a heiroglyphic from a temple that I printed and reprinted. The appliqued border heiroglyphics says "Cool Camels of Egypt by Barb" on the bottom and left, and "Cool Camels of Egypt by McKie" on the top and right. The corner heiroglyphics symbolize good luck, long life, keep away evil, and woman. Disperse dyed polyester, hand dyed cottons, various yarns, machine pieced, machine appliqued, machine quilted.

Copyright 2007 by Barbara Barrick McKie, all rights reserved.

upper left camel
Upper center camel
Upper right camel
center camel
center camel closeup
lower left camel
lower left camel closeup
lower center camel
lower right camel
border & background detail

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