Eye to Eye
by Barbara Barrick McKie

33" w. x 22" h.
A male lion (one of 4 in a group on the shoreline) in Namibia stayed a bit away from the others as the sun glowed through his mane. We sat in a boat on the water and looked at them eye to eye, each appreciating the other. This lion was a bit apart from the other three. Our guide said they hadn't spotted any lions in the nature park for over a year as we enjoyed the encounter.
2-5 layers of wool batting create levels of trapunto effect on the head, and free-motion machine embroidery enhances his coat and makes the grass in front stand out. Free-motion quilted, machine appliqued. Disperse Dyed polyester transfer on the front. Black cotton backing enhances the stitching on the back.

Copyright 2009 by Barbara Barrick McKie, all rights reserved.

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