Feeder Defeater
art quilt by Barbara Barrick McKie

46.5" w. x 47.25" h.
Our bird feeder was conquered by squirrels, so my husband put up a barrier to keep them away. One morning I saw a squirrel attempt to get around the barrier as I captured the attempt in photographs. While the squirrel had difficulty, it did solve the puzzle. Later attempts showed that it had learned the quickest way to get to it's goal. Later, we tried several other barriers, and it was only on the 5th try (three upside down cones) that we were smarter than a squirrel raider. Under each photo is my interpretation of what the squirrel might have been thinking.
Disperse dyed polyester fabrics printed by the artist and hand dyed cottons by the artist. Machine pieced, machine quilted.

Copyright 2009 by Barbara Barrick McKie, all rights reserved.

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