Go With The Flow #2
by Barbara Barrick McKie

18" w. x 18" h.
I marbled quite a few pieces of cotton in the summer of 2008, but when the challenge came to do a piece for the Surface Design Assocation member show for 2009, Surface Matters, the rules required an 18" x 18" piece that I didn't have. SDA Member's Show: click the link for information on the show in 2009 in Kansas City and the planned travel scheduleI picked one of my favorite pieces, photographed it, and then on the computer with Photoshop, I changed the sizing ro approximately 21" x 21" to accommodate the shrinkage I experience during extensive free-motion quilting and trapunto. I printed the resulting image wool batting (2 layers), black cotton backing. Machine quilted using free-motion quilting on my home machine.

Copyright 2009 by Barbara Barrick McKie, all rights reserved.

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