Abstract Art Quilts
by Barbara Barrick McKie

I often explore new techniques and new ideas for surface design by creating abstract pieces. Even my realistic work often has abstract backgrounds. I love to play with colors and textures, and surface design, so there are a number of mini-series among the abstract pieces I have done. See Small Works for more abstract quilts.

Click on the image or name of the quilt for a larger image and more information on each quilt.

City Reflections #1
Fragmented Nature
Fragmented Fungi
Tickle Your Fancy
art quilts
Joy Full
Go With the Flow
Go With the Flow #2
Polymer clay/art quilts
Precarious Balance
Galileo's Waltz
Abstract Series
Grand Canyon Suite Series
Entering Doors Series
Facing Passing Time; Dancing Between the Semicolons
Annual Checkup
Southwest Rhythms
Lava Flow
Entropy is Increasing in My Universe
Spirt Flow #10: Reawakening
Memories of Dubrovnik Series
Yin Yang
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