Still Life Art Quilts
by Barbara Barrick McKie

This series started in my drawing class at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art, when I decided to create a piece from one of my drawings. After taking a class in color and composition my skills at noticing shadings and shadows started being featured in my work. Most of the work features food.
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An Apple A Day
My Last Birthday
Strawberry Fields
Picnic on the Mosel
A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and You
Autumn in New England
Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries
Fanfare for
an Orange
Best of USA at World Quilt and Textile 2001
An Orange for Lunch
Victory Garden
Fall Tomatoes
Light and Shadow Study #2
Light and Shadow Study #1
A Fortune for Dessert
Making Dinner
A Banana for Breakfast
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